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Our products range from modular pods, roof and floor trusses, wall frames and staircases.

Modular Pods

Rubix Nicheliving pods are lightweight and use durable materials to ensure the dwellings are sturdy, low-maintenance, and have energy efficiency ratings that rival traditional construction methods and materials.

The lower and upper floor additions are manufactured in our climate-controlled, sheltered factory to eliminate external factors and to achieve a seamless building process which is both faster and more cost efficient than regular construction.

Once the pods have been manufactured and transported to site, the installation process can be completed in a matter of hours. The prebuilt pods are craned into position and fixed into place, and progression is much faster than standard construction.

Roof Trusses

Quality prefabricated roof trusses

Rubix Nicheliving timber trusses provide the ultimate flexibility in roof design.

  • Large spans
  • All shapes & styles of roof line
  • Engineered to suit the design & conditions
  • Fast and efficient installation
  • Reduced time, material, labour on-site

Rubix Nicheliving timber trusses provide very real advantages over conventional roofing methods. Each truss is engineered to suit the specific job. It is designed to meet the spans, loads and conditions and exceed the required Australian Standards.

Our trusses are designed using sophisticated computer software to meet all technical specifications. We have WA’s only Hundegger automated saw ensuring fast, precision machining and reduction of material wastage.

Our expert tradespeople assemble the components with accuracy using our purpose built jigs and ensure strength and rigidity with Pryda fastening systems.
Rubix Nicheliving timber trusses provide ultimate flexibility:

  • Bespoke engineered to all designs including curves
  • Span considerable distances and requiring only external wall supports
  • Engineered to meet any weather conditions including extreme weather ratings
  • Lightweight, easy handle, fast to install
  • Keep building costs to a minimum

Rubix Nicheliving timber trusses avoid the need for steel support girders allowing for large, open areas or easily relocated interior walls to suit customer’s current requirements and changing needs. Trusses can be manufactured to suite any shape, height and design.

Wall Frames

The prefabrication of timber wall frames saves time, labour costs and materials.

Walls of all shapes and sizes are designed and manufactured off-site using our design software, purpose built jigs, and automated machinery, assuring speed, accuracy and quality.

Whether delivered to site for fast easy construction or utilised in our prefabricated home modules, Rubix Nicheliving wall frames deliver versatile and efficient building solutions.

When combined with our foam core panel, insulation cladding and patented Dulux 3 phase rendering system, timber framed construction provides eight times the insulation properties of double brick – delivering more comfortable, energy efficient homes.

Floor Trusses

Engineered timber floor trusses

High strength, light weight floor trusses engineered to suit every application.

  • Cover wide spans and heavy loads
  • Support upper load bearing walls
  • Versatile uses – wide span lintels, wall braces & ceiling beams
  • Easy access for services – electrical, plumbing and ducting
  • Delivered to site and easy to install

Rubix Nicheliving prefabricated timber floor trusses are custom engineered and highly versatile, delivering:

  • High strength to weight ratio
  • Easy handling and workability of timber
  • Wide span reach
  • High load strength including upper load bearing walls
  • Versatility for wide span lintels, wall braces and ceiling beams

Manufactured with fastening systems, the open web design allows easy access for services including electrical, plumbing and ducting without the need for access holes that may compromise strength or unsightly boxing or bulkheads.


Beautiful timber staircases provide value and character to your home.

Traditionally a lengthy and complicated process, Rubix Nicheliving state-of-the art design and cutting technology now provides a fast and cost effective solution.

  • Precision cut prefabricated timber staircases
  • State-of-the art design and cutting technology
  • Cut to absolute precision and ready to install
  • Reduces labour time by days
  • Makes beautiful stairs achievable and cost effective

Our sophisticated software produces detailed design and material drawings, specific to the design, timber, space and height requirements.

The German made Hundegger Turbo Drive automatically translates the information into precisely controlled automation, producing all components cut to absolute precision ready for installation.

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