Why Modular Construction

Modular construction is the use of prefabricated components to build complete modules or ‘pods’ in a factory environment for installation on-site.
Pioneered in WA by Rubix Nicheliving, modular construction is the future of building, embraced globally by builders, architects and large construction companies for residential and commercial buildings. Modular construction is:

  • Fast – a second storey home module can be constructed off-site in 4 weeks and installed in a day – reducing the build time from months to weeks with minimal inconvenience for homeowners.
  • Efficient – Timber framed construction, Hebel flooring and foam core insulated rendered cladding provides eight times the thermal qualities of double brick – creating a comfortable energy efficient home.
  • High quality – every element of the home module is engineered and manufactured to specific design requirements by experienced tradesmen working in safe and controlled conditions with the best tools, machinery and equipment.
  • Affordable – the off-site manufacturing process is fast and efficient providing savings on labour and materials, whilst also minimising the additional costs for homeowners through disruption and alternate accommodation requirements for traditional builds.

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