Deliver Bespoke Modular Solutions

We work with the Western Australian building and construction industry to deliver bespoke modular and building solutions:

  • Residential Home Builders
  • Large Scale Project Home Builders
  • Commercial and Industrial Constructions Providers

Our Products

Modular Pods

Roof Trusses

Floor Trusses

Wall Frames


Why Rubix Nicheliving?

As a pioneering firm in the development of prefabricated construction we deliver an unprecedented level of knowledge and expertise to our clients.

We are specialised experts in long-lasting, sustainable and environmentally friendly alternatives to regular building construction.


Rubix Nicheliving’s timber framing and innovative insulation systems enhance sustainable manufacturing processes and the production of more sustainable homes.

Timber is globally favoured as the sustainable building material of choice.

  • Timber stores embedded carbon removed from the atmosphere
  • Less embodied energy used in production and transport versus steel, concrete and bricks
  • The thermal qualities of timber provide comfortable and energy efficient homes
  • Rubix timber framed modules with insulated cladding and Dulux rendering achieve an insulation rating eight times greater than double brick construction

Rubix Nicheliving sources all timber from local and national Australian certified sources.

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